Thy Word

When we look into the book of Genesis, we see that the Lord asks Adam to name the animals (Genesis 2:19). The Lord has made mankind capable of defining, investigating and researching the world. As stewards of the world, they had capacities to handle much. 

However, when it came to the deeper questions of life like...

- Who am I? 

- What is the purpose of my existence? 

- Who is God? etc., man needs to have information that only God can provide. 

Our mind, the powerful tool for navigating through the world is now dependant on revelation from God. The Bible is not just the record of God's dealings with mankind, but it also contains vital information for the above questions. If man does not seek to find the truth about God, he will wind up creating a god from his imagination. This "god" will have all the limitations or in some cases have the vices that beset fallen humanity.

Take also the case of morality. If there is no absolute law given by the Divine Lawgiver, man plays god and makes rules that favor some and is totally unfair to others. Take abortion and "planned parenthood" for example. 

Blessed is the person who seeks and finds from God's Word, eternal truths and find the rest that comes from peace with God.
Rampert Ratnaiya