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 Television Ministry

“Avar Naamam Yesu” literally 'His name is Jesus' is a Tamil devotional broadcast which seeks to encourage, inform, comfort and exhort the hearers. Airing on Tamil TV at 6.15 AM – 6.30 AMevery Monday, this program is watched by a wide spectrum of  people. The broadcast contains a song and the spoken word in Tamil.Kingdom People “Irai Arasin Makkal” is a broadcast in an interview format.On the last two weeks of every month, instead of the AvarNaamam Yesu program, the Kingdom People program is broadcastat 6.15 AM – 6.30 AM every Monday. It features people from various walks of life, who have said “yes” to the rule of God in their lives. This has caused them to raise above the mundane in the way they have made their choices. This program seeks to do two things. One is to learn from the devotional lives, ethical standards and choices, values from the Bible, vision and obedience of the one being interviewed. The other is to learn how some of them faced challenges like loss of children, conflicts of various kinds, challenges to their faith etc., through the grace of.