Malayalam Album

Nin Daya is our Malayalam Album. Containing both old and new songs this album seeks to encourage the believer in their spiritual journey. The list of songs that are featured in it are given here below..

                                 1. Puthukkam Nadakkum

                                 2. Nokkidumo

                                 3. Thangum Karangal

                                 4. Parvathangal Maaripogum

                                 5. Ange Naan Snehikkum

                                 6. Nee Thanna

                                 7. Tirukarathal

                                 8. Anugrahattin Athipathiye

                                 9. Ente Ullam

                                10.Nee Ente Sankhethavum

                               Each album is priced at Rs 100.

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