Legacy of Life

Legacy of Life is an initiative by Meghala and Rampert Ratnaiya. It is an Inter denominational Christian Ministry situated in Chennai, India. It exists to teach, preach, sing of the truths in the Bible and about the person of Jesus Christ, so that the hearer can understand God's gracious offer of reconciliation and His plan for their lives in a needy, pain filled and fractured world. They have enjoyed acceptance among churches from various denominational backgrounds such as CSI, Assemblies of God, Lutheran, Anglican, Methodist as well as Independent Churches.

Rampert Ratnaiya

Rampert Ratnaiya grew up in a devout Christian home. However, his early years were rebellious and it did not honour God. God intervened in his life and his life and started a work of grace in him. In the year 1987 he heard the call to Christian ministry and has been serving the Lord since then in various ways. He has worked among urban youth through the ministry of Friends Missionary Prayer Band. He later worked with RZIM till the year 2009, where he was trained in the ministry of Apologetics. He continues to be a visiting faculty at the RZIM Academy of Apologetics, Chennai. Rampert and Meghala live in Chennai with their three children Rachelle, Johann and Rebecca.

Meghala Ratnaiya

Meghala was 8 years old when she first heard about the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. It made a deep and lasting impression on her. Later in life, when her mother became a widow at age 39 and was left with the debt of a collapsed business and and a hopeless future, she decided to end her life and the lives of her four children, of whom Meghala was the oldest. At this point the Lord Jesus intervened in their lives and they all turned to Him. After a training program in Christian studies, Meghala answered God's call to full time ministry in the year 1984. She served with the Assemblies of God Church through whom she worked among young people in the city. After her marriage, she joined FMPB and served there till the year 1990. Meghala has had a wide experience in preaching and teaching in a variety of contexts. She is also a Regional level faculty with the Haggai ministries. Rampert and Meghala live in Chennai with their three children Rachelle, Johann and Rebecca.