Legacy of life

Legacy of Life is an Inter denominational Christian Ministry situated in Chennai Read More>>

About Rampet

Rampert Ratnaiya grew up in a devout Christian home. However, his early Read More>>

About Meghala

Meghala was 8 years old when she first heard about the Person and work of the the Lord Jesus.  Read More>>


Preaching and Teaching

Rampert and Meghala maintain an interdenominational approach and have had the Read More>>

Music Ministry

An integral component of the ministry is the usage of music. Convinced that it  Read More>>

Television Ministry

“Avar Naamam Yesu” literally 'His name is Jesus' is a Tamil devotional broadcast which seeks to encourage, Read More>>



En Idhayame Ummai Padum is our Tamil album.Literally meaning Read More>>


Hrudayanjali is the Telugu version of the above Tamil album. The songs are same Read More>>


Nin Daya is our Malayalam Album. Containing both old and new songs this album seeks to encourage Read More>>


Keyboard Lessons

These are short video lessons with instructions regarding playing styles, Read Mre>>

Take Five

These short videos, serve as Scripture Memorisation aids. Each episode is Read More>>


A selection of songs performed in various contexts have been uploaded on to YouTube. Youtube Channel Click Here>>